The Same Wind¬†(2018, 10′)
baritone, flute (piccolo), trumpet, percussion, keyboard, piano, contrabass, electronics
Video Score excerpt

The Sound of the Land¬†(2018, 10′)
soprano, flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), percussion, piano, violin, viola, violoncello

Heel, Skull (2018, 60′)
dance work with electroacoustic sound
Choreography by Marcos Duran; music by Alex Stephenson

After Escher (Emergence) (2017-18, 10′)
trumpet, contrabass, electronics

Etude-Fragment after Escher (2017, 4′)
flute (piccolo), E-flat clarinet, percussion, piano, harp, contrabass
Score excerpt

Jeu-Parti (2016-17, 10′)
piano, electronics
Score excerpt

Paths and Panels (2016, 12′)
large ensemble ( / / 2perc., pf. /
Audio Score excerpt

calling, crying (2016, 6′)
mezzo-soprano, string quartet
Score excerpt

O Clarissima (2015, 8′)
viola, piano
Audio Score excerpt

Religion (2015, 5′)
vocal ensemble (soprano, mezzo-soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass)
Audio Score excerpt

In the Silent Dark (2012, 12′)
soprano, clarinet (bass clarinet), piano